Dr. Musarat-ul-Hasnain
Director Medical Education

Department of Medical Education was started in 2007 as an office of Medical Education consisting of three faculty members including Prof. Riaz Hussain Dab(Prof. of Surgery), Dr. Imtiaz Dogar( Assistant Prof.Psychiatry and Dr. Raja Khurram (Assistant Prof. Forensic Medicine) after their completion of workshops for Master trainers.
In view of the need for a qualified medical educationist to head the formal Department, Dr. Musarrat ul Hasnain was approached and he got transferred to Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad on 23rd April, 2008. At the beginning Department consisted of one full time faculty and adjunct faculty members from different specialties in the college. In 2010, the department was joined by Dr. Sumera Badar as full time faculty.
DME is working on Faculty Development, Curriculum Development, Continuing Medical Education, and Educational Research along with several projects for educational collaboration. More than 40 faculty development workshops have been arranged by the department. Structuring of house job, Synopsis development courses, MCQ development courses and teambased learning have been started in the institution on regular basis.

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