Department of Pathology, Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad Providing Following Services

Histopathology section

Histopathological and cytopathological services have all the specialized procedures and techniques, to enhance diagnostic accuracy. It provides the service of FNAC and cytology in addition to tissue biopsies. It caters to a large number. Of patients referred from various departments of Allied hospital (General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Urology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Pediatric Surgery) and its affiliated hospitals.
We have started Breast Clinic and Pap Testing Clinics in OPD where immediate reports of the FNAC, ER/PR, Her-2/neu and HPV will be done and handed over the patient’s onsite.

Hematology and Blood Banking section

It offers wide range of the facilities. Bone marrow aspiration, trephine biopsies and a number of special stains are available for the diagnosis of various hematological diseases. Coagulation Studies include PT, APTT, Mixing Studies, Fibrinogen assay and FDPs. Bleeding time has been standardized in the laboratory and is performed by a doctor.
CBC, which is considered to be a routine test, becomes a specialized investigation in our set up as majority of the cases are from Oncology ward and cases with hematological disorders from medical and other wards. As a result the doctors in the section report all the peripheral blood smears. Cell counts are being carried out on Sysmex. Numerous other investigations are done including RBC morphology, Reticulocyte count, Coombs test, Osmotic Fragility, and Heinz body test, etc.

Chemical Pathology

This section offers a wide range of tests, like Lipid Profiles, LFT, RFT, Cardiac enzymes, Tumor markers, PCR, Endocrinology and many other specific test. The laboratory is equipped with latest infrastructures and we are planning for automation with instruments in future Microbiology and immunology Section It carries out culture sensitivity tests on various specimens like pus, sputum, throat swab, stool, HVS and fluids. Fluid examinations include CSF, ascitic, pleural, vitreous and pericardial fluids.

Serological Tests

HBsAg, Widal test, RA factor, ANA, ASOT, RPR are also performed. Routine urine and stool examination are also done. Extension of facilities for other specialized tests is being planned. Diagnostic microbiological services include the determination and identification of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Serologic tests are also available for various bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoal diseases.