Foreign Students

There are many foreign students in Punjab Medical College who are completing their MBBS degree. These foreign students belong to different parts of world. Foreign Students seats:

(a) Under Technical Assistance Programme:

The applicants seeking admission to a medical college should submit their applications through their own government /embassies to the Government of Pakistan (Economic Affairs Division, Islamabad). The nominations against these seats, shall be communicated to the Health Department, Government of the Punjab, by Economic Affairs Division, Islamabad, for onwards transmission to the colleges concerned. Applications submitted directly to the Principal or to the Government of Punjab, shall not be entertained.

(b) Afghan Refugee Students seats:

Candidates of this category will apply to the Ministry of State and Frontier Regions Division (SAFRON) through their respective Commission rates.

Foreign Students seats on Self-Finance Basis:

The applicants seeking admission on self-finance basis will be required to contribute to the college endowment fund in addition to the normal fee. This contribution will be US $ 10,000 per annum for the colleges located in Lahore, US$ 7000/- per annum for the college located in Multan and Rawalpindi and US$ 5000 per annum for the colleges located in Bahawalpur and Faisalabad. However, such students will apply to the Economic Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs division, Islamabad. The nominations against these seats, shall be communicated to the Health Department, Government of the Punjab, by Economic Affairs Division, Islamabad, for onward transmission to the colleges concerned. For the first year the students will pay through pay order and he/she will have to submit a bank guarantee for the remaining four years equivalent to the amount applicable in his/her case in the name of the Principal of the respective college. In case a student repeats any class at his/her own accord or fails in the examination, he/she will have to pay the same amount as mentioned above for each extra year. Students discontinuing their studies at their own or expelled from the college will not be refunded the remaining amount which would be credited to the college according to the bank guarantee.

Note I :- Students admitted against self finance seats shall stay in the same category.
NoteII:- The nominations by the various governments/authorities against reserved seats shall reach the Principal of the college concerned not later than the start of the session and the students shall be directed to report to the college in the beginning of the session on a date to be announced by the concerned college.
Note III:- Admission will be closed after a lapse of a period of three months from the start of first year MBBS classes.
Note IV:- Application forms for admission of candidates from foreign countries, shall be submitted along with attested copies of certificates:
    (a) Certificate of having passed Intermediate Examination (pre-medical) with national language, Physics, Chemistry (Including Organic Chemistry) Biology and English as subject of the examination or an examination considered equivalent to the Intermediate (pre-medical) examination by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), Islamabad.
    (b) In case of the foreign students a certificate to the effect that the candidate can read, write and speak English fluently enough to be able to benefit from the theoretical and practical classes should be obtained from the Government or Ambassador or other competent authority of the country concerned or from the Pakistan Embassy in that country.