Vice Chancellor Message

Faisalabad Medical University (FMU) is a recently developed first ever Public Sector Medical University in Faisalabad District. Various Teaching Hospitals (Allied Hospital, DHQ Hospital and General Hospital, Ghulam Muhammadabad) are affiliated with this University. Faisalabad Medical University is providing training and research opportunities for Doctors whereas its affiliated Hospitals are providing best possible Medical and Surgical treatment to a large number of patients not only from Faisalabad but also the adjoining districts.

Honoring our commitment to take this university to new heights by creating integration and synergy in the area of Biomedical Education, Research, Technology and Clinical care. Along with our team of highly qualified Clinicians and academicians would like to build the foundations of our new University on the basis of Medical Research both in the Basic and Clinical fields.

It gives me immense pleasure that I m being part of this university and I pray to almighty Allah that it may become one of the top medical university with cooperation of our graduate and post- graduate students and our medical expert team . I am sure by the Grace of Almighty we would be able to develop this Educational Institution into a center of Excellence both in under graduates and post graduate fields. 

This would help provide compassionate and comprehensive care to poor patients of Faisalabad Districts. My particular emphasis would be on the integration of Basic and Clinical Sciences which would broaden the mind of our students and will help fulfilling the university’s Goals of meeting the healthcare needs of the society


Vice Chancellor Curriculum Vitae


Personal Profile

 Name  Dr. Muhammad Ali Tirmizey
 Father's Name  Syed Ashraf Ali Tirmizey
 Date of Birth  28-04-1959
 Address  Al-Afzal, 32-X-1, Madina Town, Faisalabad
 Marital status  Married
 Contact details  0321 6653153
 Current Post  Current Acting Vice Chancellor Faisalabad Medical University
   Professor & Head of E.N.T. FMU (Punjab Medical College) Faisalabad


 F.C.P.S (E.N.T)  College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan  1990
 M.B.B.S  King Edward Medical College Lahore  1984

Personal Statement

I define myself as a selfless hard worker who has always put the interest of the organisation and team in front of my own. My experience in ENT spans over 33 years with over 18 years at the highest level as Professor. I am currently ranked number one in seniority list of all Professors of Punjab. I am the acting VC of Faisalabad Medical University and with experience as the Principal of Punjab Medical College for 6 months and Vice Principal for 2 ½ years in the same institution I bring in wide perspective and current experience for the applied job. I am committed, focused and possess excellent management and clinical skills borne out by the consistent praise and encouraging comments contained in references, assessments and appraisals, in particular for my work, ethics, my ability to cope under pressure, team work and most importantly my leadership.


Professional Experience

 Number one in the Seniority list amongst all Professors of Punjab since February 2017
 Professor (Head of E.N.T)  Punjab Medical College Faisalabad  12.01.2000 to-date
 Associate Professor E.N.T.  Punjab Medical College Faisalabad  01.08.1996 - 12.01.2000
 Assistant Professor E.N.T.  Punjab Medical College Faisalabad  29.11.1990 – 01.08.1996
 Registrar E.N.T  Punjab Medical College, Allied & DHQ Hospitals, Faisalabad  09.10.1986 - 28.11.1990
 Medical Officer  B.H.U. 73 G.B. District, Faisalabad  06.04.1986 - 09.10.1986
 Medical Officer  B.H.U. 76 R.B. District, Faisalabad  14.10.1985 - 06.04.1986
 House Officer Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Surgery ENT  Mayo Hospital Lahore  1.09.1984- 31.08.1985

Published Papers

1  Indications for Paediatric tracheostomy in Faisalabad. Pakistan Journal of otoloaryngology. Vol 8 No.1.pp 16-18. 1992.
2  “Cut Throat” Pakistan journal of otolaryngology Vol 10. No. 3 pp 132-135. 1994.
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Continuing Professional Development

 (Workshops Conducted by the college of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan)
 1  Computer Course (College of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan)
2  Teaching Skills Course
3  Development and Administration of MCQ and Essay questions
4  Research Methodology and Medical writing
5  OSCE and Evaluation of Clinical Competence.
6  Educational Planning and Evaluation