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The Examination Department of Faisalabad Medical University has honor to conduct first ever examination of Punjab Medical College and Punjab Medical College, Dental Institute of session 2020-2021.Currently we are conducting MBBS & BDS undergraduate programme with future to uptake postgraduate programme. The objective of the Examination Department is to execute high quality and legally secure system to access candidate’s proficiency in the discipline in addition to offering services for student, instructors & administrators related to examination. The University examination rules and regulations are followed as prescribed by HEC.
Examination Department has three major sections i.e. Conduct, Secrecy & Tabulation. Conduct section is responsible for examination schedule/date sheets, appointment of center supervisory staff, appointment of paper setters, paper assessors & practical examiner, security & transportation of question papers to examination centers and solved answer books back to the university, logistic support for the examination centers, unfair-means cases (UMC) etc.
Tabulation section is responsible for preparation of lists of candidates for examinations, preparation and issue of identification cards and roll number slips, preparation of result sheet with fictitious numbers, which is subsequently decoded immediately prior to announcement, result notifications, detail marks certificates etc. Secrecy section is responsible for paper setting, printing & sealing of questions papers, security of question papers, coding of answer books with fictitious numbers and bar coding & centralized paper assessment. Prof Dr. Ghulam Mahboob Subhani, Professor of Urology currently working as additional duties of Controller of Examination, Faisalabad Medical University. Dr Muhammad Saleem Iqbal, Assistant Professor of Surgery is Deputy Controller of Examination, Faisalabad Medical University.

Responsibilities of General Section

• General section correspondences in and outside the University Campus i.e. with Government Offices, affiliated colleges and Universities.
• Correspondence with students on examination matters.
• Keeping record of examination dues and fees.
• Deals and forwarding to authorities all kinds of public complaints about examination departments.
Other tasks assigned by Controller of Examination.

Responsibilities of Conduct Section

• Correspondence with paper setter paper assessor & Call through Vice Chancellor.
• Arrangement of answer books and their disposal.
• Arrangement of examination stationary through stores section and its issue.
• Appointment of center Supervisory staff.
• Security & transportation of Question papers to examination Centers, & solved answer books back to the University.
• Logistic support for the examination centers.
• Provision of Roll Numbers slips.
• Maintenance of Examination Registers.
• Preparation of travelling allowance, bills for payment to examiners paper setter/ inspectors through treasurer.
• Appointment of inspectors.
• Collect three papers from every college/department.
Other tasks assigned by Controller of Examination.

Responsibilities of Tabulation Section

• Preparing cut list.
• Preparing OSPE result.
• Preparing internal assessment.
• Preparing transcript.
• Preparing result notification.
• Preparing distinction certificate.
• Preparing NOCS.
• Degree verification.
• Documents verification.
• Preparing Position certificate.
• Preparation and issue of identification Cards and Roll Number Slips.
• Preparation of Results Sheet with fictitious Numbers’ which is will be subsequently decoded immediately prior to announcement.
• Results Notification.
• Details Marks Certificate.
Other tasks assigned by Controller of Examination.

Responsibilities of Secrecy Section

• Paper setting.
• Printing & Sealing of Questions papers.
• Security of Question papers.
• Coding of answer books with fictitious numbers and Bar coding.
• Centralized Paper assessment.
• Checking all kind of late results and those of the unfair means cases and their notification.
• Constitution of unfair means committee for examination.
• Maintenance of record of unfair means and appeals matters.
• Maintenance of record of syllabi, old questions papers etc.
• Sending the offer and syllabus to various paper setters.
• Scrutiny of examiners bills and payment.
• Preparation of re-checking statements.
• Preparation of viva voce examiners’ bills.
Other tasks assigned by Controller of Examination.

Prof. Dr. Ghulam Mahboob Subhani
Controller of Examination

Dr. Sajid Rehman Randhawa
Additional Controller of Examination

Dr. Muhammad Saleem Iqbal
Deputy Controller of Examination I

Dr. Muhammad Tahir Bashir Malik
Deputy Controller of Examination II

Dr. Rashida Shahid
Assistant Controller of Examination

Mr. Tayyab Raheem
Admin Officer and Quality Control

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