Vice Chancellor Message

It gives me a great pleasure to write these few lines for the Alumni of Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad. I take it as a blessing from Allah (SWT) to head your Alma mater Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad now FMU as Vice Chancellor. I feel so happy and proud on this honor and pledge to serve your grand institution with greater zeal.
In another five year time this institution is going to be fifty years old, a moment for grand Golden Jubilee celebration. PMC/FMU is a vast campus having a competent faculty along with three well equipped hospitals extending good quality healthcare to common man. They are also providing exemplary education to the undergraduate as well as to post graduate medical students. After its conversion into University the transformation has not proceeded on the required pace which surely needs to be geared up. Since I have joined as Vice Chancellor my mission is to make it a state of the art University in true sense so as to nurture the undergraduate and post graduate students with quality teaching, training and promote the culture of research and ethical orientation. I sincerely hope that you will provide me full support and extend your prayers for achievement of our targets in shortest possible time.
    Prof.Dr.Zafar Ali Choudry

Vice Chancellor

MBBS (K.E), FCPS, FRCS (Edinburgh)

Alumni of any institution are an asset for their Alma mater and can do wonders to up lift the institution especially in country like ours. Your contribution will be written in golden words in the history development of this institution. I plan to put forward my vision and programme to develop this nascent university and at the same time maintaining the legacy and history of Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad. I urge to all of you to kindly attend the forthcoming Alumni moot in December 2018 in large number so that I can speak my heart directly to you. The contents of my presentation and emotions behind my thoughts will be put forward to you through E-mail/facebook if you fail to attend this moot due to any unavoidable reasons. Looking forward to see you on the Alumni moot 2018. Click here to visit VC profile...