Basic Departments

There are 8 basic departments in the college i.e. Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Behavioral Sciences, Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine, Pathology, and Community Medicine. Each department has separate building where they teach the students of college. Every department has its own lecture hall where lectures are given to the students. All the basic departments are full filling the needs of Medical students. They have their tutorial rooms, museums, and practical labs.

Anatomy Physiology
Bio Chemistry Behavioral Sciences
Pharmacology Pathology
Forensic Medicine Community Medicine

Clinical Departments

For the clinical teachings of medical students of Punjab Medical College classes are held in the clinical departments of Allied Hospital and DHQ Hospital. Many clinical departments have been separated as individual unit over last few years and now working as a sub specialty. There are 5 medical and 4 surgical units in whole. Psychiatry, Chest diseases, and Dermatology departments are present in DHQ hospital while rest are present in Allied Hospital. Gynecology and ENT departments are present in both hospitals. Gynecology II is present in DHQ Hospital while Gynecology I and ENT I & II are present in Allied Hospital.

Medical Unit I Medical Unit II
Medical Unit III Medical Unit IV
Medical Unit V Surgical Unit I
Surgical Unit II Surgical Unit III
Surgical Unit IV Surgical Unit V
Ophthalmology Ear Nose Throat Unit I
Ear Nose Throat Unit II Cardiology
Cardiology DHQ Oncology
Nephrology Gynecology & Obs I and II
Gynecology & Obs III Pediatric Medicine I
Pediatric Medicine II Pediatric Surgery
Orthopedics Neurosurgery
Chest Plastic Surgery
Urology Dermatology
Anesthesia Psychiatry