Department of Biochemistry


The department OF biochemistry was initially a part OF department of physiology & was declared as an independent department of Punjab medical college, Faisalabad in 1980. the first head of the department was Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad, followed by Prof. Muhammad Ali. The present head of department Prof. Dr. Shahzad Farooq. The department is run by senior faculty members Dr. Sameena Javed (Associate Professor), Dr. Muhammad Jamil (Assistant Professor), Dr. Tayyaba Saeed (Assistant Professor), six senior lecturers and two Biochemists. These days the Department of Biochemistry is involved in the teaching and training of Biochemistry to first & second year MBBS and first year BDS students. The teaching programme includes lectures, tutorials and practicals which are covered in a period of two years for MBBS and' one year for BDS.
Since last year undergraduate research programme has been started in the department and students of first & second year MBBS and first year BDS are highly enthusiastic in participating in these research programmes.
A number of research papers have been published by the faculty members in the field of Oncogenes, Nutrinon, Diabetes mellitus, thyroid abnormalities, chronic hepatitis, renal lithitiesia and biochemical status in obstetrical outcome. The department is equipped with the modern research facilities including instrumentation for ELISA, RIA, HPLC, Ultra-centrifugation and Thermo- regulated chromatography. In addition to the teaching and training of undergraduate students, six faculty members are enrolled for M.Phill and Ph.D Biochemistry and are being guided by the head of the department.

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