Department of Community Medicine


Community Medicine Department has highly qualified staff headed by Dr. Khalid Siddique. The rest of team includes one Assistant professor and five senior demonstrators. All the staff members have got postgraduate qualification in various disciplines of the subject like M.phil in Community Medicine, M.phil in public health (MSPH), MCH, MMCH, etc. The staff is involved in teaching Community Medicine to 4th year MBBS class in accordance with the guidelines of the university of Heath Sciences and PMDC.
project, tutorials, workshops, presentations and field visits. It plays pivotal role in preparing students for their professional examination as well as inclination towards higher medical education. The department has a beautiful museum for practical training of students.
Close and excellent student-teacher relationship is maintained in the pursuit of producing five star doctors. It is the result of all these activities that our students shows excellent result in the subject of Community Medicine in 3rd Professional Learning is ongoing process hence the faculty members participate from time to time in various workshops and seminars supervised by various experts of national repute to refresh and update their knowledge.
Research has been made compulsory for 4th year MBBS class by the UHS. Our students are actively engaged in various research programs under supervision of our staff members. Much research has been done by students on burning issues.

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Postal Address: Department of Community Medicine, Faisalabad Medical University Faisalabad.
Phone: 041-9210080