Department of Dermatology


In 1983, Dr. Muhammmad Azam Bokhari started Dermatology in Punjab Medical College with limited OPD service at DHQ hospital. With his unremitting efforts, continuous hard work and limitless assistance of colleagues/seniors, the department is now a wellestablished unit consisting of 20 beds in-patient facility at DHQ Hospital and ever busy OPD at DHQ, Allied and Ghulam Muhammad Abad Hospitals where more than 800 patients are seen daily.
Currently, the Department of Dermatology is headed by Prof. Shahid Javed Akhter who has got special interests in Lasers, Skin Surgery and contemporary Dermatology teaching/training. Other staff members include Associate Prof. Muhammad Arif Maan, Assistant Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahid Shiekh and six Senior Registrars, three medical officers, twenty-five post-graduate trainee and twenty house officers. The unit is now recognized for post-graduate training in Dermatology by College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, Post-graduate Medical Institute, and by the University of Health Sciences.
In addition to the routine consultations, the Department of Dermatology is providing state of the art services in skin care such as Electrosurgery, Cryotherapy, Patch testing, Mycology, Dermatohistopathology, Phototherapy, and Dermatosurgery. Latest Equipment like CO2 laser, Nd YAG laser and Microneedle RF are also available. The unit is actively involved in academic and research activities and has many local/international publications to its credit. It hosted the three International Conferences of Dermatology in Faisalabad.
The department regularly holds workshops/seminars on common skin disorders, Leprosy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases for doctor of government dispensaries and rural health centers in collaborates with district health development and collaborate with AIDS Control program to control AIDS in Pakistan.
Dr. Shakoor Abdul Shakoor Sajid Ansari, a senior medical officer of this unit has been awarded Presidential Seerat Award on his book entitled Khair ul Bashar (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam).

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