Department of Pulmonology.


The department started in 1981 in an outpatient room of district headquarter hospital ,Faisalabad shared by the department of psychiatry on alternate days. The facility for inpatient was provided almost 10 years later in the Rehmat Ward.
The Department has made tremendous progress since then. It is recognized by College of Physcians and Surgeons of Pakistan for FCPS in Pulmonology. Currently there are 7 postgraduate residents enrolled in subspecialty programme and 5 trainees enrolled as second fellows. It runs a very busy daily outpatient where 100 to 150 patients are attended daily.
Full record of all the outpatients has been maintained by the department from its own resources since 1981-82. The inpatients has 36 beds where all types of serious and complicated chest disease patients are admitted for management.
The department offers the facilities of Fiberoptic Bronhchoscopy , spirometry, pulseoximetry, sleep studies, closed pleural biopsy, chest intubation, FNAC and lymph node biopsies, trans-thoracic lung biopsy, pleurodesis, ultrasound chest, Non-invasive ventilation and treatment of Multi drug resistant Tuberculosis. The department is actively involved in academic activities and medical publications.

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Postal Address: Department of Pulmonology., DHQ Hospital Faisalabad.
Phone: 041-9210080