Department of Paediatric Surgery


Paediatric Surgery started at Punjab Medical College with the creation of a post of Assistant Professor. In the beginning the Department was attached to a unit of General Surgery. A separate ward was allocated in July, 1999. Posts of Professor and Associate Professor were created in 2007 and 1999 with the efforts of Prof. A.G Rehan.
the Allied Hospital. It is headed by Dr. Sajid Hameed, Professor. Dr. Khalid Mahmood is working as Associate Professor. The work load of the Department is increasing gradually.
During the past 12 months a total of 7616 patients were seen in the OPD, 1808 were admitted to the ward and 1216 operated upon. The department is on call 24 hours a day and also receives calls from various departments. FCPS-II trainees from the units of General Surgery and Paediatrics rotate through the Department on a regular basis. The Department is recognized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons for training in FCPS Paediatric Surgery. MS Paediatric Surgery candidates have also joined the department through Central Induction.

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Postal Address: Department of Paediatric Surgery, Allied Hospital Faisalabad.
Phone: 041-9210080